Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Been a Long Time...

The situation with my dry eyes has been a roller-coaster ride. Symptoms got better for a while, but the last few months they've come back again. Not as horrible as before, so that's a plus (if there really is one, haha).

I'm going through increased bouts of blurred vision and my overall vision is waning. For one glorious week last year, my eyesight had improved to the point where I didn't need driving glasses. That gives me hope!

The only thing I can attribute the brief stint with good vision to is I didn't eat any chocolate that week. Googling for chocolate allergy info, there was an article about chocolate consumption causing vision problems in certain individuals. This is embarrassing to admit, but chocolate has been an everyday part of my life since early childhood. It's like my crack. Not for much longer, though. It's time for round two with going chocolate free!


diane said...

I saw your theratears experiment. Try using flax seed oil from a bottle - at least two table spoons a day. It helped me much more than any pill form oil. It wasn't a cure but it took the edge off. Try sleeping with a humidifier. See if you can get Ilube drops or compounded mucomist (sp) drops.

I have never found a cure, but some relief here and there.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I found that the best relef i get from my dry eyes are from Theralife Dry Eye Relief, the enhanced solution.

I use theralife along with these tips that you have set out and i feel SOOOOOO much better!

Kevin R Platt said...

Did you resolve your dry eye issue? It's very likely blepharitis, a common condition that causes the lubricating valves on the rim of the eye to clog up and cease to provide adequate lubrication. It's more common in the elderly, though I developed it at 17. Read the instructions in the fact sheet link below and try the warm compressions - soak a small towel with hot water and wring it out then apply to closed eyes for a few minutes. Then massage your lids with a rolling finger action - downwards for the top lid and upwards for the bottom lid, to stimulate the unblocking of the valves. Then follow the scrubbing instructions with a very (3 drops to a cup) dilute warm water and baby shampoo mixture. I may as well elaborate - dip the tip of an ear bud (Q-tip in America I think?) and clean the very rim of the eyelid top and bottom and also amongst the lashes. Repeat twice daily for the rest of your life.


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