Saturday, September 19, 2009

My TheraTears Experiment: Day 9

I’m beginning to see a little improvement in eye moisture with this TheraTears dietary supplement. Yesterday, I walked into a room with a ceiling fan and felt the sensation of coolness in my eyes—something I hadn’t experienced in many months.

Yes, folks, it looks like this dry eye gal is actually getting her eye moisture back. Yay!

Today I felt a layer of tear film again. This time, it was during one of my several-times-a-day eye exercise routines. As I did eye rolls, that coolness sensation hit again. How awesome is that?!

And sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but all is not peachy keen yet. I still feel like something’s in my eyes. That gritty feeling is as strong as ever, and let me tell you, it’s annoying like the dickens. Also, the burning sensation in my eyes is still present most of the time. Fun times, right?

As far as vision goes, my eyesight is still off-and-on blurry. The double vision and blurriness could end up being part of another set of eye problems, who knows? Of course, I hope it’s part of this dry eye disease that’s been plaguing me and that it’ll go away soon. Time will tell.

All in all, I’m pretty darn pleased so far with the TheraTears capsules. Day 9 and things are headed in the right direction, which is good since the past couple of days I’ve been experiencing these yucky fish burps because of this supplement. But if a few unpleasant fishy burps can give me my tear film layers back, it’s a small price to pay. (Especially in comparison of the awful side effects of some of these prescription drugs. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the side effects sound scarier than the original disease they’re supposed to treat.)

I’m purposely leaving my everyday diet as-is and not taking any other eye health supplements while on TheraTears for the month. I’m kind of itching to try new things out just to see if that’ll get me faster results, but then I would never be 100 percent sure if TheraTears was helping my eye moisture or if it was from something else.

If my eye dry isn’t totally under control with the TheraTears once the bottle’s done with, I’m probably going to try cutting out caffeine and chocolate from my diet. I’ve cut down on the stuff since first experiencing dry eye syndrome, but I’ve read that sometimes it’s not enough to just cut back. Has anyone tried completely cutting out the caffeine and chocolate? Did it reduce your dry eye?

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Anonymous said...

ive been going threw this for like 2 yrs now..its caused me anxiety problems,panik attacks.the put plugs in my eyes upper and lower seems to help only a lil.but im on thera tears nutrition as well it seems to be helping slowly.truth is caffeine,alchahol,chocolate makes it really doctor says give thera tears a few months to work.keep doing what ur doing,and hopefully our vision both will get better

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